6 ways to Build a Good Social Relationships With Co-workers


Are you a worker who is always faced with the social environment? You may more frequently faced with new people in your workplace. Even your activities are more often spent along with work friends than with family at home, isn’t it? You work a full day without ceasing. You will more commonly interact with your work friends than with people at home, namely family and friends at home. But, do you know how to establish good relationships with friends work? In the social environment that this hard enough you should be able to survive with new people. Following his tips.

1. Keep a positive attitude

You must always show a positive attitude to friends. That way, they’ll feel you are a good colleague and easily approachable and cool invited talk by your friends at work. When you show a negative attitude, they will surely feel you not a friends list. They’ll steer you in the workplace. It is not much fun, is it?

2. Friendly

When you meet with your friends, it’s good to say hi when meeting, isn’t it? It is fun when you leave the Office early in the morning then gave a smile and greet the other person with the phrase “good morning”. By doing this, your friends will feel that you are friendly and open. So, anyone would love to be close to you.

3. Do not respond for too long calling and métro stations in-mail)

Being someone who is quick to respond when others need is fun and very helpful to other people, isn’t it? You should always reply to your e-mail or sms from your friends. When there is a friend who call you, try to always picked it up quickly. They will certainly need your help so contact you. Lest you give negative impression as if they were not important.

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4. Wake up trust

You would already know about the trust do not get tampered with, isn’t it? Yes, isn’t it odd that trust and honesty is very important in building a good relationship with friends. Don’t prestige if you can’t do something or don’t know a thing. Try to be honest to yourself as well. Be honest with yourself, you will be trained to be honest to others, particularly your social environment. When they believe in you, don’t ruin the trust occasionally to. It will be hard to take back the trust of those who have feel lied to by you. So don’t lie to guys!

5. Help a friend are you doing

Help is not going to harm you. Thus with the help of others can provide happiness for you. Try to feel it myself, very fun to lighten the load of other people, isn’t it? By helping them, you can also learn a lot of new things outside of your field. When you can take the time to help them, it would be easy for you to ask for help to them.

6. Mutual respect

The people you are dealing with is not in the Office that has one type of personality as you. Various type of person in the Office that you must identify one by one so that you can respect them. Do not be afraid or prestige to learn from others, you have nothing to lose doing that. You can also understand their customs and way of looking at the Office so that conflict can be avoided.

Well, the case review on the social environment in the world of work with your work friends. Wake up just relations to facilitate your work in the future.

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